9/25/12 at Turner Field

I was really pumped up for this game, mainly because it was the third MLB game of my life. I had snagged two balls at a 2011 game at Turner Field, and then another four earlier this July also at Turner Field. They were playing the Marlins, so I also knew I might have a shot at one of the Marlins commemorative baseballs they are using this year. Anyway, I took some pictures outside the stadium when I first got there, because I knew that I might decide to start a blog. That being said, this could be a little rough. Here was my view of the stadium when I walked up to it.

Then I took a picture of my little brother Grant who came along with me.

And then I wandered around the place taking pictures of various Braves statues like these:

Hank Aaron and his biggg swing:

And several more:

Then we checked ut the wall that had the Braves history written on it:

In case you can’t tell, it says “Longest continualy operating franchise in Major League Baseball.”

Right next to the gate there is a spot telling you how far away home plate is:

I took a picture of the seats inside:

And I was ready to go!

As you can see, I have my Marlins t shirt under my Braves shirt. 

Now, before I go on, I must confess that I got into “the mode” and only took two pictures during bp.  I know, I am not the greatest at this.  Anyway, as soon as I ran in I found a ball in the gap, and pulled it out with my cup trick.  After that, I settled in left field, and cought a hr that landed in the seats.  Than I caught one on the fly, and ran through a row to catch another on the fly.  Wow!  I just whizzed through that, please excuse me. 

Right after the Marlins started bp, I ran all the way over to right center and fished a ball out of the gap.  It was surprising, because it sat there for five minutes, and I assumed a security guard would pick it up.  But, no one did, and I ran over and got it.  My “final” ball of the day was thrown by Heath Bell.  I was literally the only fan in Marlins gear, so it was an easy choice for him.  Here is a picture of Heath right before he threw it to me:

Sorry it is blurry, I was very busy.  Right after I got the ball, another Marlins player, Randall Delgado came and tossed a ball to a kid that dropped it, so I picked it up and gave it to him.  I know some ballhawks will count that, but I decided against it.  Anyway, here is a picture with Delgado on the left, and Heath on the right:

If you didn’t know what the gap was earlier that is a picture of it between the outfield wall and the stands.

As for the game, the Braves won with a walk off home run in the 9th!

Here is a picture of the six baseballs I gained:


6 balls at this game

12 lifetime balls in 3 games

3 games in a row with at least one ball

3 games in a row with at least two balls

There is my first ever blog entry!


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